I’ve had a Blackberry as my personal phone for a number of years now. The keyboard, and the ‘flat fee for email anywhere in the world’ plan that T-Mobile offers made it the device to beat for my needs. When I first got the 9700 that I have now, my usage patterns did not involve a lot of browsing outside of Google Maps so I didn’t feel the pull to iPhone and Android as strongly as others. The device itself also seems relatively indestructible: it’s taken a fall from several stories, and been thrown against a door, a wall, and a bookcase (in different attempts).

Now, I also have a work phone — which, in addition to grabbing work-related emails, does pretty much everything the Blackberry does only better. Having gone from a Droid 2 (terrible, terrible handset and a platform that I wanted to like but couldn’t because of the device) to now an iPhone 4S (much better, although the lack of super-user features and customizability irks me at times), I’m realizing more and more that I really don’t need to carry around 2 phones, and that my Blackberry is hopelessly obsolete. I’d still like to maintain the concept (and numbers) of a personal phone and of a work phone, but it seems they no longer need to be two separate devices. I’m thinking of porting my personal number to Google Voice, and then forwarding all calls to the work number (and work phone). This way I only need to carry around a phone I actually like that does everything I need it to do — at least theoretically. There are a few things that worry me with this approach:

1) How does Google Voice handle traveling abroad and roaming?

2) The iPhone runs on AT&T and I’ve had ample connectivity problems in the city in the short time I’ve had the phone.

3) The battery life on the iPhone will mean that I’ll need to have the phone tethered to a charger fairly often. If there’s one feature of the Blackberry that I’ll miss more than having a physical keyboard, it will be its excellent battery life (I charge my phone about once every 3 days on average, and that’s with relatively heavy email/Twitter/Foursquare/SMS/voice usage).

I don’t have good answers to these questions and concerns yet, which is why I’m still carrying around both phones.