Arianna Huffington announced today that HuffPost is introducing a new ‘Good News’ vertical that will showcase positive and inspiring stories instead. This reminds me of my favorite feature of Blic’s online edition — Blic is Serbia’s daily newspaper with the largest circulation and its site is often a source of whimsy and entertainment. You’re more than likely to be greeted by a stern story about a traffic accident, murder-suicide, something the president did, and a random topless starlet or an up-to-the-minute update of yesterday’s topless starlet’s love life. I’ve always equated it with the Serbian version of the New York Post or Daily News (with the more respectable Politika daily serving as our version of the New York Times).

The ‘Good News’ filter surfaced in their main navigation a long while back and as the name implies would filter all the depressing and dark stories from your reading experience. And since this is a Serbian paper, we had plenty of those in recent history. There were days when the ‘Good News’ filter would only show 4-5 stories but it represented a good escape, especially since the news used to be so overwhelmingly negative for such a long time. Seems we’re at that point in the US now where we need some filtering help to find good news in a sea of the not-so-good.