The other day I was looking for Guy Ritchie’s Rocknrolla and noticed that Netflix revamped their movie discovery pages for the better:

Netlfix discovery

This is a pretty big improvement: it used to be that if a movie wasn’t available for streaming no results would come up. I like that they’re now suggesting alternative content to watch and so far most of the alternative recommendations were spot-on (not sure if I’d agree with the 30 Rock recommendation under the ‘Other’ section but I’m sure that’s a product of big data analysis and know better than to second-guess).

Continuing on one of my favorite topics when it comes to Netflix, it would be really interesting to see them implement a ‘notify me when this movie becomes available for streaming’ button. They could then gauge interest in individual titles (which I suppose they can do now from their search logs but not in a way that would be obvious and transparent to users) and of course send happy emails when something does indeed become available.