On Memorial Day we were driving from Cambridge into Boston. We came upon two bicyclists who rode slowly and next to one another in the main lane — the lane that we were in — even though the road has a clearly marked separate bike lane. Since they were riding next to each other there wasn’t enough room to pass them safely so we trudged along behind them for a few minutes enjoying the beautiful summer day* (even though we’re technically still in spring). A pedestrian was walking along towards us; when he saw what was going on he stepped closer to the edge of the road ensuring that the cyclists could hear him, leaned out and yelled at them: “Don’t be a dick!”. Twice.

Such simple advice but so many applications — in business situations I’m very likely to be that pedestrian with the very same message. If we could all start our days with the conscious decision not to be dicks I have a feeling that many things would run much smoother than they do.

So there. Don’t be a dick.


* Whoever invented the sun roof – you have my eternal thanks.