This campaign, endorsement deal, and rollout strategy spell absolute cross-channel perfection. It’s rare that a brand can leverage such a strong and pervasive cultural force like Jay-Z and Samsung manages to pull it off effortlessly — the behind the scenes content feels genuine, and the clip’s hidden camera style is fantastically engaging*:

For a campaign and brand partnership that’s as ambitious as the name of the upcoming album implies (Magna Carta Holy Grail) this is executed marvelously. Starting with a TV ad during the NBA finals, followed by digital video on Youtube, etc and culminating in the app (available 06/24) that will feature an early release of the album with plenty of opportunities for sharing & buzz-generation for that ever-important earned media category.

Definitely raising the bar for integrated media campaigns.


* Rick Rubin lounging on the couch might be a show-stealer — so much musical wisdom is hidden in that beard.