Q: Who are you anyway?

A: My name is Ana. I’m an entrepreneur, technology executive, advisor, speaker, product maven, etc. and I build things predominantly in the online advertising space. Here I am on LinkedIn and on Twitter (if you want to say hi). Most of the time I’m in NYC although I have strong nomadic tendencies and use every opportunity to travel for work, pleasure or both (6 continents and counting).

Q: What do you write about?

A: I use this blog as a diary of sorts – I jot down reviews of things I’ve read, seen, or heard and I write about some work-related things occasionally. I should add that all opinions expressed here are solely my own, and have nothing to do with current employers, companies I advise or invest in. Any brand affinity (or lack thereof) I may display is solely personal preference.

Q: I’d like to work with you. How do we make that happen?

A: Occasionally I have bandwidth for new clients to help with product strategy, roadmap, go-to-market planning, scaling, industry landscape education, fundraising prep and as a general advisor. If you’re interested in having me speak at one of your events I’m also a fantastic public speaker who frequently covers topics of big data, cross-channel marketing analytics, data management, innovation, customer experience and effective uses of customer data. In either case, drop me a line on info at anamilicevic dot com (or the aforementioned LinkedIn or Twitter).

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